final portfolio organization

this is how you should organize your final portfolio. (some assignments/project names may differ, but organization is the same).

-start by creating a folder on the desktop (LASTNAME_final portfolio)

-proceed to create subsequent folders according to the image above. basically, every assignment and project will have their own folder.

-once all necessary info has been copied to the appropriate folders, burn the disc.

-insert a blank cd-r into the tray on the front of the mac tower.

-an image of a CD will appear on the desktop. just drag and drop your master folder (LASTNAME_final portfolio), onto the top of the disc and release your mouse. double-click the CD icon to make sure your folder is waiting to be burned onto the disc. name the disc your LASTNAME, and drag to trash to burn. you will see the burn icon appear instead of the trash icon, release your mouse. a dialog box will appear next. if you havent named you rdisc yet, do it here. otherwise leave everything alone, and hit burn.

-turn disc in upon final meeting.


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