Blink! Light, Sound & the Moving Image

Opens March 13, 2011

In the blink of an eye, technology changes. Celebrate the radical transformation of technology over the past 30 years in our first large-scale exhibition devoted entirely to electronic and time-based media.

Blink! Light, Sound, and the Moving Image explores how technology-based art relates to the human spirit through narrative, performance, music, humor, social and political issues, nostalgia, and the purely sensory.

“This exhibition explores the possibilities that arise when artists use nontraditional methods to express an idea,” says curator Jill Desmond. “Artists have taken and re-contextualized everyday technology and pop-culture highlights to create an active experience that delights the senses and brings static objects to life.”

Blink! includes video art by Lorna Simpson, Christian Marclay, and Mark Wallinger; theatrical and narrative works by Jeremy Blake, William Kentridge, Jacco Oliver, and Stacey Steers; electronic environments by Steina, Bjørn Melhus, and Charles Sandison; and light-based works by Dan Flavin and Sylvie Fleury.


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