mini project_instructions
Start by analyzing the elements and principles of design. Research examples to
familiarize yourself with the application of these concepts. Reference class blog for
a detailed description of these elements & principles. Once comfortable, proceed to
execute your own examples of each element and principle, yielding a total of 15

-start by creating a new>document

-set the image size to 8.5″ X 11″ (horizontal or vertical) @ 300dpi.

-continue by saving the document as a .psd file, appropriately named.

-experiment with the tools that photoshop has to offer to construct visual examples
of these concepts. Your compositions may contain found and appropriated images,
as well as self constructed elements.

-once composition is complete, save image as a .jpg file, appropriately named.

-stay organized, and keep all images contained within the same folder.

-once all 15 .jpgs have been compiled, use Adobe Bridge to compile a
slideshow .pdf of all compositions. this will allow for easy consolidation of all
images, and allow it to be easily shared. refer to link below for instructions on
creating a slideshow.



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