class update

since university email has been down for the better part of this week, consider this post our weekly update/correspondence. we will meet tomorrow (4/16) and hold a class critique of project #5 (digital narrative). please have your animation saved as both a web-ready GIF, and a MOV file. this will allow the greatest flexibility of presentation, and also allow us to analyze the varying file formats. the critique will likely take half of our class time. the second half will be utilized to introduce the final project, answer any questions and address all concerns. ample studio time will be allocated to this project, and i encourage you to show up with materials/ideas to work on. taking into consideration the amount of time we will be spending together in studio, i will be able to provide ample one-on-one time to everyone. please dont let technical hurdles hinder or stunt your creative ideas. if you are having trouble achieving something, or even have no idea how to go about getting to your ends, i will help you. we have gone over a variety of digital tools, and outputs. but, if there is something you would like to devote more attention to, this final project is ideal for that exploration. we can tackle anything and everything. if we dont know how to accomplish something, we will figure it out, together.


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